Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 2015 Newsletter


Upcoming Events:

From Lucinda Hodges Boyce on our Facebook page: I'm organizing a field trip for the Scare Crow Stroll @ the Idaho Botanical Gardens in Boise :
Wednesday, October 14 @ 12pm .
Discounted admission group(10+) rates are $6 per adult, $5 per teen, $4 per youth (age 5-12). Let me know if you want to get on the "list" and I'll get you further information. My kids and I really enjoy it. Here's a link to tell you more about it: - Please meet me by the entrance. We have to turn our money in all together, so I will collect the admission money before we check in. PLEASE BRING CASH AND TRY FOR EXACT CHANGE.  I will wear an orange sweater, so you can pick me out. If you haven't "signed up"- don't worry about it- just let me know via Facebook that you're coming or show up day of. Thank you for your interest. This will be fun!


Teen Activity at the Farmstead Corn Maze

When: Thursday, October 15th, 4-6 pm.  $4.25 per person, if we pay as a group. Meet us at the entrance at 4pm!  (The maze is open until 9pm and the kids are welcome to stay until closing, but the supervising adults will only be there until 6pm!)

Mothers’ Meeting: Share what YOU’RE learning!

Knowledge is especially powerful when it is shared. What are your interested in or passionate about? Whether it’s something you’re studying with your kids or a personal interest or talent you’re developing, we want to hear about it! In the past, we’ve had women share teaching and discipline techniques that work for them, music they’ve composed, artwork they’ve created, their insights on motherhood and raising a family, meaningful scriptures and songs, recipes, insights from books they were studying, home care skills, decorating, and so much more!

When: Friday, October 16th, 7pm

Where: Marissa Pineda’s house: 12028 W. Dynamite Ln. in Kuna


We would love to throw a Halloween Party this year, but we need your help to make it happen! Please contact our president, Ruth Hansen at 466-0667 or shoot her a message via Facebook if you are interested in helping with games, treats, or activities!

Call for Volunteers!

Ladies - Deseret Homeschool Association is such a fabulous group that works hard to support homeschooling moms - and through them, their families.  We are in need of some volunteers to help make fun family activities happen this year.  I know many of you have been feeling the need to get more involved and make sure you help provide your kids with wonderful opportunities.

Specifically we need people to be in charge of and help out with holiday parties and field trips. If this sounds like something you could help out with we would love you forever.  It would give you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the other fabulous members of the board and have a say in the kinds of activities you want planned.

Please let me know if you are interested!  Thanks ever so much!  Ruth Hansen 466-0667

President’s Message:

One Sunday as I sat in Relief Society a woman stood up to bear her testimony.  She shared that she had been dealing with some hard times – a rough, crazy, messy reality.  Tears fell as she talked about a sister that had been there for her and made a difference.

I sat looking and feeling down– overwhelmed by my own reality – busy life, many kids with hungry tummys and scraped knees, cooking and cleaning that needed done and re-done, never ending homeschooling – and I wished that I could have been that sister that had been there for her.

Then she shared what that sister had done for her – that sister had been her friend and reminded her about an upcoming enrichment meeting that ended up making a huge difference for her.

Wait a minute - I HAD been that sister! I had called and reminded her about the enrichment meeting. In the midst of my own crazy reality God had used me to bless her life and I hadn't even noticed.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the many to-dos on our list; people to call, important things to teach, jobs to get done.  Often we don't realize that even in the crazy and messy reality that sometimes is our lives, God can work through us. He can bless us with ideas to teach our kids division – inspire peace and calm even when the to-do list is growing ever higher, and even slip in those simple thoughts of how we can make a difference for those people around us.

If you are in the middle of your own crazy and messy reality, find peace in knowing that God CAN and WILL use you to bless lives – just the way you are and right where you are.  Each morning connect with him, let him know that you are willing, and then walk forward.  He will be there for you, bless you, and gratefully use you to bless others!

Love you!




Educational Opportunities:

Teen Classic Book Club: Friday, October 16th! Contact Melissa Matt Wolfe via Facebook for more information!

Emilee Bodily would like to let everyone know that she is in the planning stages of putting together a history fair for November—so be thinking about what your kids might like to share and display! More details coming soon!