Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 2017

Upcoming Events:

September Mothers’ Meeting—Curriculum Petting Zoo:

When: Thursday, Sept. 14th, 7:00 PM

Where: Janet Cox’s home: 1300 Lake Lowell Ave. in Nampa

Have you ever wished you could really take a look at curriculum options before you purchase them? Do you wish you could get REAL LIFE reviews and examples of how something is used? Dying to know what the pros and cons of a particular curriculum choice are? Now’s your chance! Come take a look at tried and true options, talk with moms who have used them, and get a better feel about your options! We will have books and manipulatives and games to look through and handle, with veteran homeschooling moms who have used them.  This is not a sales event, this is a curriculum “petting zoo”---a chance for you to see and study and handle some of the homeschooling curriculum options available, to help you make informed choices! If there is a particular curriculum you are curious about, let us know—someone in the group has probably used it and is happy to share their experience with it.  Contact us via our Facebook page! Don’t forget to bring your Box tops!

October Mothers’ Meeting—A Day in the Life:

When: Thursday, October 12, 7:00 PM

Where: in Boise (location will be listed in the FB event as we get closer to the date!)

Have you ever wondered how other people homeschool? Are you curious to see what homeschooling looks like in other families? Come hear about a typical day (if there is such a thing!!!) goes for different families in the Treasure Valley, and come share your own experience. Big family? On the road all the time? Running a small homestead? Homeschooling an only child? Teens and toddlers? A houseful of littles? Kids with special needs? Let’s connect!

November COUPLES’ Meeting—Date night at Fiesta Guadalajara!

When: Friday, November 17th, 6:30 PM

Where: Fiesta Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant at 704 E. Fairview Ave. in Meridian.

We have reserved the banquet room for a date night! Come hang out with all the cool kids (well, cool adults. This is a date night, after all!) Enjoy some food and camaraderie with other homeschooling couples.  Bring cash to cover your dinner and tip, our group will need to pay on one check! See the Fiesta Guadalajara menu here.

December Mothers’ Meeting--Christmas Potluck and Gift Exchange:

When: Saturday, December 9th, 11 AM

Where: Katrina Laird’s home, 408 Hawthorne St. in Nampa

Bring your favorite brunch item to share, along with a small wrapped gift  of something you love (homemade, or store bought, nothing over $5, please!) for the gift exchange. (For those of you that have gift giving anxiety, like me, don’t worry—our gift exchanges are more a way to get to know each other than anything else—so feel free to choose something you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself! It’s fun to share what we love!)