Monday, November 9, 2015

November 2015 Newsletter


Upcoming Events:

Mothers’ Meeting: A Night of Inspiration!

Friday November 13th at 7 pm

Come ready to be encouraged as a few of our wonderful homeschool moms share with you some of the inspirational messages that have motivated them in their homeschooling and mothering journeys.

We will meet at Kristen Grover's home in Meridian

420 W. Black Rock Dr.

History Fair:

Wednesday, November 18

at 12:00pm at the Lake Hazel Branch Library

Deseret Homeschool Association will be hosting a History Fair for all homeschool students. Come share a visual or oral project on a historical event or person. Our theme this year is "Looking Into the Future with Eyes from the Past".
There will be table space for lapbooks, reports, display boards or artwork. There will also be time for short (2 minute) oral presentation as well. Please let us know whether you will need table space or time for an oral presentation. (Space is limited)

This will be the tentative schedule for our History Fair:
12:00-12:15 Set up visual displays
12:15-1:00 Wander through the tables viewing the displays. If your child would like to do a living museum type display they could stand in front of the table with a card indicating who they are.
1:00-1:30 Oral Presentations. This will be oral presentations to the group as a whole. There will be a rug and some chairs for adults. This will be kept to a half an hour so I will limit spots to 12 presenters. You must comment below if you want one of these spots.
1:30-1:45 Wander time again for those who came later.
1:45-2:00 Clean up displays

Hope this helps people decide if they want to participate. I would love to fill all our slots! Please go to the event on Facebook for more information:

Field Trip: We are currently in the process of securing seats for the Nutcracker Jr. ballet, on Dec. 2. Tickets are $2.00 per person, paid in cash, in advance. Please contact Marissa Pineda at for more information.

President’s Message:

Magic Jar

For October's Mother's Meeting we gathered in Marissa Pineda's home (thank you for hosting Marissa!). The plan for the evening was to share things that we were learning about – things that we were passionate about. Marissa was knitting an amazing octopus scarf which I saw her wearing later for Halloween – along with a fancy octopus mask she had made with a glue gun.  Way to go Marissa!

Macy showed us the gorgeous socks she was knitting and Monica talked about how she was passionate about her kids. We all shared favorite books that we had read with our families. I had been trying to decide what I would share with my friends. What was I passionate about? Then I thought of our magic jar.

The magic jar idea started 3 years ago. I wanted to make sure the kids were learning things they were interested in. I cut up many pieces of design paper and the kids helped me come up with topics they were fascinated with. 

How is toilet paper made?




How old is the oldest person alive?



Then youtube and I became very good friends.  Each day the kids would take turns choosing a new topic from the magic jar.  I would do some quick research on youtube, finding some fun learning videos and then we would learn together.

The idea – together we would discover the magic in the world!

We have learned so many interesting things and what a joy it has been!  If we get our family devotional and magic jar time in – we are on track for the day.

Did you know that the Sahara desert temperatures are not only hot – record high of  136 degrees F - but also freezes and can get snow from December to February.  In fact the temperatures can be so extreme that the vegetation has to be super hearty.  Cactus plants can have roots up to 40 feet long in order to find water.  The kids and I measured out 40 feet.  That is REALLY long!

Just this last week we watched a youtube video about the inside of a piano.  We delighted in a composer playing a musical piece incorporating fun and strange sounds from the inside of the piano by placing objects inside the piano to change the sound and plucking the strings. Then we watched with fascination a video of a 4-year-old playing the piano in a way I could never dream of.  It was all very magical.

I challenge you to take time to notice the things of beauty and interest on the earth.  Think of what you are thankful for. Take the time to count your blessings. Those things are the magic of life. Take a deep breath and a moment to fully appreciate them. Say thank you to God. Share them with your children.

Love you gals! - and Happy Holidays!

Ruth Hansen

Box Tops! Box Tops! Box Tops!

Many thanks for your continuing support of DHSA and donations of Box Tops for Education! You can bring your Box Tops to any DHSA activity and hand them to a member of the board.

Box tops 2