Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

We hope you’re having a fantastic summer!
Upcoming Events:
homeschool bootcamp 
Hosted by Nancy Georgeson - Treasure Valley Commonwealth and
Rose Wiegley - Homeschool Field Trip List
Speakers for Homeschool Bootcamp
Thursday July 24th 5-7:30pm @ Ada Community Library
To volunteer, email: tvhomeschoolbootcamp@gmail.com
Topic Examples:
- staying organized
- learning styles
- is homeschooling for you
- balancing home and school
- homeschooling multiple children
- specific homeschool philosophies (classical, unschooling, etc)
- homeschooling on a budget
- special needs
- high school
- what about socialization
- mini workshop class
- intro to homeschooling
- homeschooling elementary grades
- using technology, etc
Any homeschool related topic that you feel you know a bit about. Personal narratives and experiences also welcome. Talks should be 10 minutes or less and should be applicable to a general homeschooling audience.
Homeschool Conference
“Calm the Chaos, Restore the Magic!”
family silhouette
Saturday, September 6th 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
at the AEN Playhouse Event Center
8001 W. Fairview Avenue, Boise
Come spend the day with us and our inspiring speakers! Enjoy a catered lunch, make connections with other homeschooling parents, and browse our vendors at the beautiful and intimate AEN Playhouse Event Center!
Early Bird registration begins soon!
Report from June’s Election/Volunteer Meeting:
This year’s election meeting was held June 7th. After a lovely breakfast and visiting, those in attendance nominated Stacey Lytle as president, Janet Cox as Treasurer, Marissa Pineda as Membership and Social Media Coordinator, Kimberly Wing as Field Trip Coordinator, Tami Hull, Ruth Hansen, and Korene Harris as Teen Event Coordinators, Melissa Wolfe as Family Dance Coordinator, and Kami Hymas as Party Coordinator. Beth Blair volunteered to act as Secretary and Aby King volunteered to head up the Science Fair! Lynnelle King will chair the History Fair.
The DHSA Board will serve from July 2014 to July 2015.  DHSA is run entirely by volunteers! We are still looking to round out our Party Planning Committee to help with events such as the Opening Social, Man Feast, Halloween, and Christmas parties (and more!)  If you would like to get involved with a great group of women and help plan or set up for these fun events, contact Stacey Lytle at lytlemomma@gmail.com
Also, if you are willing to host one of our monthly Mothers’ Meetings, or would like to see more things happen this coming school year in DHSA, let us know! Please contact Stacey at lytlemomma@gmail.com with your interest and suggestions!
Meet the Board!
President:  Stacey Lytle
Hawaiian Stacey
Meet Stacey Lytle, International Woman of Mystery. Homeschooling Momma to 7 spunky kids, wife to one cool dude. Entrepreneur, speaker, great cook, event planner, and all around cheerleader.  Stacey is currently frolicking in the tropical surf without the rest of the DHSA Board, so I hacked her bio!  (Hey Stacey, bring back some macadamia nuts! And maybe a fire dancer! Thx!—Marissa)

Treasurer: Janet Cox
(more info soon!)

Secretary: Beth Blair
Beth Blair
Born and raised New Yorker, living and raising a family in Boise. Becoming a little better with each passing year. Home schooled my son for his senior year of high school and found it was a good fit for me as well. Looking forward to meeting and working with many of you.

Membership and Social Media Coordinator: Marissa Pineda
Snow tubing
I admit it, I love this newsletter gig and connecting DHSA members with homeschooling resources and support! And the coming school year with DHSA is going to be EPIC. Watch and see. Or better yet, throw your hat in with us and get involved! You will love it and we already love you---so, it’s a win all around!
Full disclosure: I am not above breaking into song in public, and like to tell stories that make people snort-laugh, so it’s probably best to leave me home from formal dinner parties. When not homeschooling my tribe, you can find me reading, writing, training in Krav Maga, or tearing around downtown Boise with my husband.

Field Trip Coordinator: Kimberly Wing
Kimberly Wing
I'm Kimberly Wing and I'm field Trip coordinator for DHSA.  I have a secret I'm going to share with you, I don't like change and new things scare me.  A few years ago I decided to challenge myself to try and over comes this problem.  I became Field trip coordinator and now search out new field trips to explore. Field trips helped take my home schooling to a new level.  Come out and meet new friends with your kids, learn about different places, and best of all it's cheap because we get great home school discounted rates. Feel free to make field trip suggestions.

Party Coordinator: Kami Hymas
Kami Hymas
Hi, my name is Kami Hymas.  I am the Party Coordinator for next year.  I have been homeschooling for three years.  I taught elementary school before my kids were born and knew that I wanted more for my kids.  So far we have loved our journey.  I have 4 children, three rambunctious boys and one girl at the end.  I love DHSA and the support it gives to moms.  It’s been wonderful being a part of Boise’s great community for homeschoolers.

Teen Coordinators:

Ruth Hansen
Ruth Hansen

Hi - my name is Ruth Hansen and I look forward to spending time with your teens this year.  I have 7 kiddos - ranging in ages from 4 to 19.  We love home schooling and the friends we have made through DHSA.   Some of my favorites are a good book, air-popped popcorn, chocolate, fun socks, and my fabulous family.   I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

Tami Hull
Tami Hull
My name is Tami Hull. I am living my dream of being a mommy to my 7 kids. The only profession I have ever wanted is to be a mom. I love spending time with my kids especially with anything that involves playing in water. I love the beach, the water park, playing in the fountain at Ann Morrison park, anything that involves being wet in the summertime, which by the way is my favorite season. I love to read, but my house gets seriously neglected when I do because I usually read the book start to finish and do little else until the book is done. We have always homeschooled and treasure the many friendships we have made on our homeschooling journey.

Korene Harris
(More info soon!)

Family Dance Coordinator: Melissa Wolfe
Melissa Wolfe
I’ve been a homeschool mom from the beginning, and I love it! A few years ago, I realized that I really wanted to have my children experience fun dancing as a family. When I couldn't find anything local that fit the bill, I decided to start a family dance twice a year. Its a great opportunity to meet other homeschool families, and just have a great time. Look for information about the dances in October and April.
History Fair Chairwoman: Lynnelle King
Lynnelle King
Hello, my name is Lynnelle King. I am the History Fair coordinator for next year.  I have been homeschooling for 12 years. I have 8 children, seven boys and one girl. A few of the things I love about homeschooling are the flexibility,  creativity and humility it brings into my life in great abundance every single day. I would never trade this experience for anything in the world. It has been soooo worth it!
Science Fair Chairwoman: Aby King
(More info soon!)

Are you a blogger? Do you blog about homeschooling? About life? Faith? Marriage and relationships? We want to help you share your stories and inspire others “in the trenches” of homeschooling and life! Contact dhsa.news@gmail.com for information on joining our blog roll!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter


Upcoming Events:

clip_image002Join us to Welcome Summer!clip_image002[1]

DHSA Closing Social

Wednesday, June 11th



Stephen C. Guerber Park

2200 E Hill Rd. Eagle, ID 83616

Come enjoy a fun day at the park!


Bikes, scooters, and sunscreen!

Swimsuits for the splash pad!

A treat to share if you like.

See you then!

(Rain date: June 18th)

Teen Activity for June

Friday June 13th

Kleiner Park in Meridian

1900 N Records Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

Fun & Games at the Park

We will meet at the covered table area right next to the playground at 7.

Bring ideas for your favorite outdoors games and maybe a few frisbees or basketballs!

Treats tonight will be ice cream sundaes!

ice cream sundae

Bring a favorite topping to share and we will provide the ice cream.

About 9:30, we will head over to the village center area (next to the cinema and by the fountain.)

We will enjoy the light and music show at 10 and then wait for parent pick-up.

Can't wait to see you all there!

Questions?  Call Ruth Hansen 466-0667 or Tami 724-0289


DHSA 2014-2015 Election and Volunteer Meeting: June 14, 9 AM

at Stacey Lytle’s home: 1298 N. Cambrick Drive in Kuna

volunteer hands

Are you passionate about homeschooling and supporting your fellow homeschool families? Do you love planning parties and activities? Got an itch to get to know other homeschooling moms? Do you have ideas for field trips and activity groups? Come see what we’re planning for next year and learn how to get involved! Breakfast will be served! (Take a look at our Year in Review article below to see what we’ve done this year!)

FYI: Clubs, Co-ops, Activities, and so forth!

The Pizza Hut Book It! Program Homeschool Registration is open: Click on the link for more information and to register your homeschool!


Coming in August:

Homeschool Conference:

“Calm the Chaos, Restore the Magic!”

Whether you are new to homeschooling or have been at it for a while, this conference will inspire confidence and joy in your homeschooling journey! Details are currently being finalized, more information coming VERY SOON!

family silhouette


President’s Message:

What a tremendous year we’ve had!

As I look back over all the fun, I can’t help but feel a little giddy inside. We have a pretty fantastic support group within DHSA and that is because of YOU and the contribution each member makes. Some carry a larger role while others carry a smaller one; but the influence of each individual is what makes this such a wonderful association to be part of. Thank you!

While I love to see the things we have done as an organization, I treasure even more the amazing successes within my own little world of homeschooling my family, as I am sure you each do. I would like to suggest you take a few minutes or a few hours (if you wish) to jot down the many memorable moments you’ve had with your kiddos throughout your past year. It is during these times that we really take note of just how delightful this lifestyle of homeschooling is! You might be pleasantly surprised at all that will pour onto your pages as you recall the list of activities, projects, learning moments you’ve enjoyed together.

In closing, I’d really like to acknowledge the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who serve on the board of DHSA…without them, this organization could not exist. Marissa Pineda, Janet Cox, Kami Hymas, Holly Hawkley, Kimberly Wing, Ruth Hansen, Tami Hull, Lynnelle King, Aby King, and Melissa Wolfe…I love and treasure each of you! Thank you for such a tremendous year…it has been a blessing for me to serve with you.

Please be sure to check out the list below of all the fun times DHSA members provided this year…hoping to see you all at our Closing Social on Wednesday!

Wishing you each a plethora of beautiful summer moments with your kiddos!

Giant Hugs,



DHSA Year in Review

Here are just some of the amazing educational and social events DHSA hosted this year:

Field Trips:


Celebration Park (September) Kids and parents went picnicking and hiking to see petroglyphs, learn about ancient peoples in the area, and learned to use ancient hunting tools such as the atlatl.

The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch (October) An annual field trip tradition, families got a chance to go on hayrides, pet farm animals, play in the corn maze and pick their own pumpkins!

pumpkin patch

The Warhawk Air Museum (November) Families took a tour of the museum, learning about our war veterans and their roles in preserving and protecting our rights and freedoms.

Mexican Dance Performance at the Jewett Auditorium (November) A colorful, toe-tapping performance by Ballet Folklorico “Quetzalli” de Veracruz in Mexico.

mexican dancing

The Nutcracker Jr. Ballet (December) This shortened version of the Tchaikovsky ballet was offered to our families and gave them the opportunity to experience the performing arts in a casual and intimate setting!

Dr. Picklestein Science and Chemistry at BSU (January) Dr. Picklestein is always a favorite—who doesn’t love explosions, turning glass into silver, and the funny, engaging science presentation, brought to us by a passionate scientist, who loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with kids of all ages?

Dr. Picklestein

World Center for Birds of Prey (March and April) Families were able to see birds of prey up close and personal, take a tour of the grounds, see different kinds of predatory birds, don feathers and beaks and get a “bird’s eye view” of life!

The Idaho Botanical Garden (May) Classes, divided more or less by age, were offered to teach kids about the water cycle, different kinds of flora in Idaho and about Idaho’s climate.


Science Fair Held at the Caldwell library, kids gave presentations about everything from closed circuits to centrifugal force, to which practical jokes work best and why

. 20131115_141413

History Fair Held at the Boise Veterans Home, students presented information and projects from American and World history. There was even a Medieval “feast!”


Literary Fair One of our newer events, kids (and adults!) shared their love of reading by displaying dioramas made with Marshmallow Peeps, depicting scenes from their favorite books!

Peep Show

Family parties, socials, and dances:

Opening Social at Settler’s Park (September) DHSA’s annual “start of the school year” party—families connected with old friends and made new ones. We cooked hot dogs and shared desserts and sides while the kids played on the playgrounds, the splash pads, and the fields.

Family Dance in Meridian (October) Music and dance from across decades and genres gave families a chance to “cut a rug!”

Halloween Party at LHB Library (October) Halloween costumes, games, prizes, crafts, and treats!

Winter Party at the Eagle Library (January) We beat the winter blahs by having our own Winter Olympics, complete with Olympic inspired games, snowman crafts, snowflakes, and treats!


Family Dance (May) Another excuse to boogie down to our favorite tunes!

Closing Social at Guerber Park in Eagle (June) A nice way to mark the beginning of summer with friends and fun!

Couples’ Events:

The Man Feast (November) In most cases, it seems that moms run the homeschooling show—we began the Man Feast a couple of years ago, to give the guys a chance to be a part of the homeschool social scene! We started with a hearty “man friendly” dinner of brisket and chicken, followed by hilarious games and time to chat.

Couples’ Formal  “Prom” Dinner/Dance (April) Why should the kids have all the fun? A customized playlist, a spectacular dinner, dancing, and a cute kissing booth photo op were the order of the evening!


Mothers’  Meetings:

These meetings are a great way to bounce ideas and concerns off of each other, and develop friendships with other moms who understand the unique needs of a homeschooling family. With a theme to get us started each month, we shared ideas, triumphs, struggles, and made and strengthened friendships. These meetings are a blessing to be a part of and are at  the heart of DHSA’s mission statement to “share resources, activities, and learning opportunities that edify and uplift families in their homeschool endeavors.”

Using Technology in our homeschools (September)

Finding and Maintaining Balance (October)

Girls’ night at CafĂ© Ole (November)

Lunch and Gift Exchange (December)

Hot Chocolate, Warm Friendships (January)

Tell Me a Story: Sharing Favorite Books (March)

Homeschool Q&A (April)

Moms’ Night Out: Dinner and Movie (May)

Teen Events:

Our active and exciting teen group had lots of activities this year!

Bonfire and Treat roast

Halloween Party

Scripted Role play Mystery Party

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Game Nights

Mad Libs

Movie Night

Photo Scavenger Hunt

We have had a wonderful “school year” at DHSA and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have! If you feel inspired to help DHSA continue in providing uplifting activities and learning opportunities, please join us at the election/volunteer meeting on June 14th (see notice in the Upcoming Events section above!) We would love your input and enthusiasm!









Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014 Newsletter


Upcoming Events:


TVC logo copy

Missoula Children's Theatre Logo

Treasure Valley Commonwealth and Missoula Children’s Theatre presents a production of Blackbeard the Pirate, May 5th-May 10th:


The Journey Church, 9105 W Overland Road, Boise ID 83709


$2 to Audition

$30 for cast members

Approximately 50-60 students will be cast in the show. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will be cast.

Register to Audition by filling out this form


Monday May 5 - Saturday May 10th


Monday May 5th

: Noon

Audition: 12:30

Audition is 2 hours.

Parents need to remain on site for the audition, they may watch depending on room available, or sit in playroom with younger children. Parents will not need to remain for all the practices, but are welcome to remain if they wish.

Practice Schedule

Monday - Friday

12:30 - 2:30

Snack Break, everyone must remain onsite

3:00 - 5:00

Not all participants need to be at every rehearsal, detailed schedule handed out at the audition. You must be available for all rehearsals.


Saturday May 10th

Plan to spend all day for dress rehearsal and 2 performances. Exact times to be announced. For questions, please contact Nancy Georgeson at tjed.treasurevalley@gmail.com

Mothers’ Meeting: Moms’ Night Out Dinner and Movie! May 10th!

Have you seen the trailer for this movie? Hilarious! http://www.momsnightoutmovie.com/

moms night movie

Watch your e-mail and the DHSA FB page for details on location and time as we get closer!

Field Trip: Idaho Botanical Garden

Wednesday, May 21, 11:00 am

Idaho Botanical Garden 

This is the most popular field trip of the year and it fills up fast!

$2.00/student, One adult per family is Free, $2.00/each additional adult
There’s a limit to 25 kids per group.  Kids 4 and under are free, but you must sign them up for Wonders of the Water Cycle if you’re going to be in it.


Wonders of the Water Cycle – Download Tour Packet
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
The water cycle plays a major role in determining day to day weather. Through song, role-playing, a psychedilic experiment, and a nature walk, children gain a concrete understanding of what the water cycle is all about.

Flower Power – Download Tour Packet
2nd, 3rd Grade – May Only
Students participate in activities emphasizing the structure and function of flowers. Each student will help the Idaho Botanical Garden bloom by planting a flower.

Nature’s Garden – Download Tour Packet
4th, 5th, 6th Grade
This tour is designed to awaken a naturalist’s curiosity about Boise Foothill ecology. The students on this ¾ mile hike will interpret the environment and discover the vital role plants play in this sagebrush ecosystem.

RSVP to Kimberly Wing at sosiouxmeto@msn.com.  I need to know the names of your kids and what class to put them in. I will need the money sent in by May 10th  I’ll give you my address once you have made your RSVP. Please note there are no refunds on this field trip, unless it is canceled due to inclement weather.


Teen Classic Book Club

Thursday, May 22nd 10am

Jane Eyre2

Come discuss Jane Eyre with us! 

Check out our titles for the year at teenclassicbookclub.blogspot.com

Contact Melissa(Mom) or Corinne(teen) for address 208-968-3998


Spelling Bee, Poetry Bee, and Cultural Literacy Bee

Hosted by Leadership Connections Homeschool Co-op

spelling bee

Who: All Local Homeschool Families are welcome!

When: 12:30 pm, May 22, 2014 (Thursday)

Where: 7211 Colonial Dr. Boise, Id 83709

Cost: $5 per child pays for participation in all 3 bees, capped at $20 per family.

RSVP: Please contact Melissa Wolfe at rdjazzer@yahoo.com or 208-968-3998 so that we know how many to prepare for.

Spelling Bee: Students participate in levels, rather than grades. We have 4 different levels: level 1, level 2, level 2 ¾, and level 3. Please contact us to get a list of the words to study for each level. We ask that once you have won a level, you study for the next level the next time you participate. Please feel free to participate in the level that you will feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. This bee is judged on accuracy.

Poetry Bee: We use the book Poetry Bee by Emmalene Beck for our Poetry Bee. It is available on kindle or you may purchase directly from the author. Study the level you want to compete in. During the bee, you may be asked to recite any of the poems from your level. This bee is judged on accuracy.

Cultural Literacy Bee: Each time we meet for our Cultural Literacy Bee, we choose two chapters from the book The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. to compete with. This time we are using American Geography and Physical Sciences and Mathematics. This bee is judged on understanding.

Family Dance

Friday, May 23rd, 6-8:30 PM

family dance

828 W Cherry Lane Meridian, ID 83642 (Holy Nativity Church)

Casual Dress! We will be learning the two-step! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to expand your dancing skills!

Bring a dessert or finger food to share!

Questions? Contact Melissa Wolfe (208) 968-3998

 New this time: Bring Box Tops for Education to be entered in a drawing for a prize!

Coming Soon:

DHSA 2014-2015 Election and Volunteer Meeting: June 14, 9 AM

volunteer hands

Are you passionate about homeschooling and supporting your fellow homeschool families? Do you love planning parties and activities? Got an itch to get to know other homeschooling moms? Do you have ideas for field trips and activity groups? Come see what we’re planning for next year and learn how to get involved! Breakfast will be served! Watch your e-mail or the FB page for location!

  The Pizza Hut Book It! Program Homeschool Registration is open: Click on the link for more information and to register your homeschool!


Coming in August:

Homeschool Conference:

“Calm the Chaos, Restore the Magic!”

family silhouette 

More details coming soon!


  President’s Message:

Do you know WHY you have chosen this path of homeschooling your family? Have you truly considered what drives you to tackle this huge undertaking? Is the option of “quitting” lingering in the back of your mind? Are there days you just don’t know why you chose this hard road? Is your vision defined? Are your goals driving and supporting you?

future vision

I would like to encourage you to take a break, retreat to a quiet place for all the time you can sneak away, and grab pen and paper…now get to work!

Write it all down…what is your WHY? It will be different for all of us, it may be all about you, it may be about a specific child, it may be about having your family close, it may be all about education, it may have nothing at all to do with education…it is your why, define it for yourself.

Write down all the reason you’ve chosen this path in life…write down what you dream for your children, for your family. Write down those people who inspire you, that drive you to keep going.

Most importantly, jot down what would happen if you let go of your why…if you gave in to the hard days, what does that look like? Is that somewhere you are willing to go?


What will it take to keep you pushing, to keep believing, to wash away all the doubt that will surely come your way?

What is YOUR WHY?

When you know what it is…ask yourself a few questions:

Is it STRONG ENOUGH to keep you going during those tough days?

Is it BIG ENOUGH to push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed?

Is it POWERFUL ENOUGH to keep you awake nights searching for answers you desperately need?


I promise you that when you have taken the time to discover the WHY within you, that you will have all you will ever need to be successful in this journey! Write yourself a letter and put it safely away, in a place never to be forgotten, and access it during times you begin to question…your why will strengthen you and renew you!






Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Whether you love them or hate them, Marshmallow Peeps have never been so fun! Please join us for our 
Literary "Marshmallow Peep" Show!

When: Friday, April 25, 1:30 PM
Where: The Lake Hazel Library

Here's the scoop: It's after Easter, so those sugar coated goodies are on clearance everywhere--snag a package from your local store and let them star in a diorama of your own creation, representing a scene from your favorite book!

The rules: All ages can participate, from tiny tots to grown ups! At least ONE peep must be present in your diorama. Bring your diorama(s!) and your books, and be ready to show them off!

It's fun! It's artistic! It's literary! It's PEEPS!!!!
Questions: Call Marissa at 208-841-1732, or shoot an e-mail to dhsa.news@gmail.com

Need some inspiration? Here are some highlights from last year's show!

View album

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter


Upcoming Events:


General Conference April 5 and 6



history fair

History Fair

Tuesday, April 8th

1:30-3:00 PM at the Boise Veteran's Home: 320 N Collins Rd, Boise, ID 83702

The Veterans Home loved having us last year and I am looking forward to another amazing History Fair this year!



Book house and apple

Mothers’ Meeting: Homeschool Q&A!

Thursday, April 17, 7 PM

(Please see our FB page/newsletter e-mail for location!)

New to homeschooling? Thinking about homeschooling? Been homeschooling awhile, but need some inspiration? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Come for a fun, casual night of “talking shop” with veteran and newbie homeschool parents!


birds of prey center

Field Trip: World Center for Birds of Prey

5668 W Flying Hawk Ln, Boise, ID 83709

April 29

The World Center for Birds of Prey is offering two “homeschoolers only” tour and presentation days this year. Please join us on either or both of these days! If you plan to attend, please call the Center at 362-8260 to sign up so they so they can plan for adequate staffing.  If you commit to attend, PLEASE follow through, or find someone to go in your place if you cannot make it.  Admission: $3.00 per person. Live bird presentations are listed in the attachment below!


Mothers’ Meeting: Join us for a fun and casual morning


Classes, Co-ops, Activities, and More:

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Tickets for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival for educators and students:
Please email Jody Phillips at boisejlp@gmail.com before APRIL 15 (Shakespeare in the subject line) and reserve your tickets. The tickets are $15 (except for June 20th,--$18) The dates and plays are as follows:
FRIDAY June 6th As You Like It
FRIDAY June 20th As You Like It
Thurday July 10 Death Trap
Thurday Aug 7 Merry Wives of Windsor
Thurday Sept 11 Steel Magnolias
I can also get tickets to Les Miserables if I have enough who want to go. It runs in both July and Aug.

The 2nd Annual Idaho Leadership Education Mothers Retreat Thursday, May 15 - Saturday, May 17, 2014

All homeschooling moms are welcome! We will have a book discussion on Thursday evening and two presentations during the weekend to help you in your family and home. We will have plenty of time for relaxing and chatting as well. Moms only. New this year: A demonstration of sourdough baking!

Where: A cabin in McCall, Idaho  Cost: Early Registration is $65.00 by April 1st. Late Registration is $80.00 after April 1st. The price includes meals and lodging.

Book Discussion: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Please contact Melissa Wolfe at rdjazzer@yahoo.com to register. Spots are limited and we already have some filled! Register now to ensure your spot.


President’s Message:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

I recall hearing these very words as a young child. I did not question their validity; I don’t know that I even gave them much of a thought. It was just something we would call out if we needed a boost of courage during an ugly moment. It would often end the dispute and all was well. As an adult, I take issue with this statement.

Words have lasting effect for good or otherwise. And once spoken cannot be taken back.

Words contain power; they have a force that penetrates deep within. When used correctly, our words build, support and encourage. When used incorrectly, the damage is far greater than any stick or stone could inflict.

Words can help us to achieve our best and highest aspirations or leave us feeling distraught and defeated.

All too often, we don’t consider how meaningful and impactful the words we share with the world may be. Are we building or demolishing? Are we cheering and sustaining or discouraging and condemning? This world needs a little more tenderness, warmth and affection…and what better place to start than in our very homes?!

As we ponder the words that may come from our lips to the ones we most cherish in this world, we would do well to choose them wisely.

In our home, I have the words, “How you speak to your children will become their inner voice,” displayed where I see them many times each day. There is a purpose in this. I cannot say that I have always thought before speaking, or that I have always chosen the very best words to share with those I love. There are times of high frustration that I speak and wish I could take back the ugliness that flew from my mouth, but I cannot. Knowing all too well the lasting effect of harsh words, I strive to be better and to share words of kindness and encouragement with our kids.


The words spoken to us as well as the words we tell ourselves, have a lasting footprint on our hearts. And just as the quote above states, the words we hear directed to us become our inner voice. I wish for the inner voice of my children to be filled with all the positives this world has and be spared the negative, heartbreaking thoughts they would be better off without.

When I think of how my words impact others, I draw in a deep breath, and choose biting my tongue near in half, if necessary, just to spare the negative effects of a nasty word during moments of strife and contention.

As a mother, I would like the power of my words to be for good – to boost my children, to enlighten, to inspire, to motivate and invigorate, to embolden and fortify them against all that life may throw their way. The last thing they need is a mother to use words that might kill the beautiful spirit they possess, or to belittle and deprecate the amazing power they have within. So I will be shouting out all the beautiful words that come to mind as I think of how lucky I am to be the mother of this amazing family!

What words would you choose to share with your kids if you had but just a few words to leave them with???

Wishing you a month filled with powerful words that will create lasting bonds between you and your sweet families!