Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

We hope you’re having a fantastic summer!
Upcoming Events:
homeschool bootcamp 
Hosted by Nancy Georgeson - Treasure Valley Commonwealth and
Rose Wiegley - Homeschool Field Trip List
Speakers for Homeschool Bootcamp
Thursday July 24th 5-7:30pm @ Ada Community Library
To volunteer, email: tvhomeschoolbootcamp@gmail.com
Topic Examples:
- staying organized
- learning styles
- is homeschooling for you
- balancing home and school
- homeschooling multiple children
- specific homeschool philosophies (classical, unschooling, etc)
- homeschooling on a budget
- special needs
- high school
- what about socialization
- mini workshop class
- intro to homeschooling
- homeschooling elementary grades
- using technology, etc
Any homeschool related topic that you feel you know a bit about. Personal narratives and experiences also welcome. Talks should be 10 minutes or less and should be applicable to a general homeschooling audience.
Homeschool Conference
“Calm the Chaos, Restore the Magic!”
family silhouette
Saturday, September 6th 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
at the AEN Playhouse Event Center
8001 W. Fairview Avenue, Boise
Come spend the day with us and our inspiring speakers! Enjoy a catered lunch, make connections with other homeschooling parents, and browse our vendors at the beautiful and intimate AEN Playhouse Event Center!
Early Bird registration begins soon!
Report from June’s Election/Volunteer Meeting:
This year’s election meeting was held June 7th. After a lovely breakfast and visiting, those in attendance nominated Stacey Lytle as president, Janet Cox as Treasurer, Marissa Pineda as Membership and Social Media Coordinator, Kimberly Wing as Field Trip Coordinator, Tami Hull, Ruth Hansen, and Korene Harris as Teen Event Coordinators, Melissa Wolfe as Family Dance Coordinator, and Kami Hymas as Party Coordinator. Beth Blair volunteered to act as Secretary and Aby King volunteered to head up the Science Fair! Lynnelle King will chair the History Fair.
The DHSA Board will serve from July 2014 to July 2015.  DHSA is run entirely by volunteers! We are still looking to round out our Party Planning Committee to help with events such as the Opening Social, Man Feast, Halloween, and Christmas parties (and more!)  If you would like to get involved with a great group of women and help plan or set up for these fun events, contact Stacey Lytle at lytlemomma@gmail.com
Also, if you are willing to host one of our monthly Mothers’ Meetings, or would like to see more things happen this coming school year in DHSA, let us know! Please contact Stacey at lytlemomma@gmail.com with your interest and suggestions!
Meet the Board!
President:  Stacey Lytle
Hawaiian Stacey
Meet Stacey Lytle, International Woman of Mystery. Homeschooling Momma to 7 spunky kids, wife to one cool dude. Entrepreneur, speaker, great cook, event planner, and all around cheerleader.  Stacey is currently frolicking in the tropical surf without the rest of the DHSA Board, so I hacked her bio!  (Hey Stacey, bring back some macadamia nuts! And maybe a fire dancer! Thx!—Marissa)

Treasurer: Janet Cox
(more info soon!)

Secretary: Beth Blair
Beth Blair
Born and raised New Yorker, living and raising a family in Boise. Becoming a little better with each passing year. Home schooled my son for his senior year of high school and found it was a good fit for me as well. Looking forward to meeting and working with many of you.

Membership and Social Media Coordinator: Marissa Pineda
Snow tubing
I admit it, I love this newsletter gig and connecting DHSA members with homeschooling resources and support! And the coming school year with DHSA is going to be EPIC. Watch and see. Or better yet, throw your hat in with us and get involved! You will love it and we already love you---so, it’s a win all around!
Full disclosure: I am not above breaking into song in public, and like to tell stories that make people snort-laugh, so it’s probably best to leave me home from formal dinner parties. When not homeschooling my tribe, you can find me reading, writing, training in Krav Maga, or tearing around downtown Boise with my husband.

Field Trip Coordinator: Kimberly Wing
Kimberly Wing
I'm Kimberly Wing and I'm field Trip coordinator for DHSA.  I have a secret I'm going to share with you, I don't like change and new things scare me.  A few years ago I decided to challenge myself to try and over comes this problem.  I became Field trip coordinator and now search out new field trips to explore. Field trips helped take my home schooling to a new level.  Come out and meet new friends with your kids, learn about different places, and best of all it's cheap because we get great home school discounted rates. Feel free to make field trip suggestions.

Party Coordinator: Kami Hymas
Kami Hymas
Hi, my name is Kami Hymas.  I am the Party Coordinator for next year.  I have been homeschooling for three years.  I taught elementary school before my kids were born and knew that I wanted more for my kids.  So far we have loved our journey.  I have 4 children, three rambunctious boys and one girl at the end.  I love DHSA and the support it gives to moms.  It’s been wonderful being a part of Boise’s great community for homeschoolers.

Teen Coordinators:

Ruth Hansen
Ruth Hansen

Hi - my name is Ruth Hansen and I look forward to spending time with your teens this year.  I have 7 kiddos - ranging in ages from 4 to 19.  We love home schooling and the friends we have made through DHSA.   Some of my favorites are a good book, air-popped popcorn, chocolate, fun socks, and my fabulous family.   I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

Tami Hull
Tami Hull
My name is Tami Hull. I am living my dream of being a mommy to my 7 kids. The only profession I have ever wanted is to be a mom. I love spending time with my kids especially with anything that involves playing in water. I love the beach, the water park, playing in the fountain at Ann Morrison park, anything that involves being wet in the summertime, which by the way is my favorite season. I love to read, but my house gets seriously neglected when I do because I usually read the book start to finish and do little else until the book is done. We have always homeschooled and treasure the many friendships we have made on our homeschooling journey.

Korene Harris
(More info soon!)

Family Dance Coordinator: Melissa Wolfe
Melissa Wolfe
I’ve been a homeschool mom from the beginning, and I love it! A few years ago, I realized that I really wanted to have my children experience fun dancing as a family. When I couldn't find anything local that fit the bill, I decided to start a family dance twice a year. Its a great opportunity to meet other homeschool families, and just have a great time. Look for information about the dances in October and April.
History Fair Chairwoman: Lynnelle King
Lynnelle King
Hello, my name is Lynnelle King. I am the History Fair coordinator for next year.  I have been homeschooling for 12 years. I have 8 children, seven boys and one girl. A few of the things I love about homeschooling are the flexibility,  creativity and humility it brings into my life in great abundance every single day. I would never trade this experience for anything in the world. It has been soooo worth it!
Science Fair Chairwoman: Aby King
(More info soon!)

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