Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 2016


Several years ago a normal day turned chaotic when one of my young sons pushed a pea up his nose. Sadly it was not the first time and I had hoped he had learned better. Sigh.

In the past I had been able to coax the pea out while encouraging him to blow through his nose. Not this time. It was wedged in there good and tight. All efforts to get the pea out only succeeding in pushing it further in.

Panic began to rise in the small boy's face as he began contemplating living life with a pea in his nose. Growing up and getting married all with a pea in his nose. The commotion from the other kids, excited at this interruption to the day's routine added to the chaos in the house.

It was time to get some help! Should I call the doctor? My mom? The Green Giant?

Jolly Green Giant

I quieted the kids and we said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us figure out how to help our poor pea-in-the-nose boy. Then I thought to look online for ideas.

I quickly discovered a fabulous piece of advice and put it right into action. I plugged the side of my boy's nose without the pea and blew a quick breathe into his mouth.

Out popped the pea!

Great was the rejoicing in the house. Our boy was saved from a future with a pea in his nose.

Sometimes we need a little help and advice. Over the years I have so appreciated the wonderful tips and suggestions I have received from friends. I love that we have each other to help lift and support during the hard times and during the normal everyday times.

I hope you can make it to our parent meeting in April. Mark your calendar – it's on Friday the 15th and will be a great gathering of fabulous homeschooling parents, each sharing the things that have worked for them this school year. We will share the things we have loved and if you have anything you want advice on bring those questions with you too. This meeting is for all parents and if you have a little boy with a pea in his nose you can bring him along too. I might be able to help.   



Upcoming Events:

April Parents’ Meeting

Friday, April 15th at 7pm

Alenna Hill's home in Nampa

734 W. Heather Woods Dr.

What did you love in your schooling this year?

Did you find a favorite curriculum? Make a job chart that made life a lot easier?  Love your co-op? Find something that made learning fun? Love a community resource?

Come share what worked for your family and to be blessed with great ideas for next year from fellow homeschooling parents!

Classes, Co-ops, and other learning opportunities:

Idaho Shakespeare Festival Shakespearience 2016 presents:

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hosted by Treasure Valley Commonwealth

Thursday, 14 April 2016
Doors Open: 8am
Play Begins 8:30
The Journey, 9105 W Overland Road

We are excited to announce that we are able to bring this wonderful production by the Idaho Shakespeare Festival to the homeschoolers of the Treasure Valley through a generous donation. We gladly will accept donations to help bring them back again next year.

“To be, or not to be, that is the question….”
In Shakespeare’s dramatic masterpiece, a young man returns from college after learning of his father’s death to find that his mother has married his uncle. Heartbroken and angry, Hamlet is visited by the ghost of his father and learns that his uncle murdered Hamlet’s father. What follows is a thrilling, moving story of madness and revenge featuring some of the most famous characters and words in world drama.

This is an abridged play and will last approximately one hour. Recommended for grades 7-12 or ages 12 and up

Download a study guide and other teacher and student materials at: http://idahoshakespeare.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Study-Guide-Hamlet.pdf

Treasure Valley Commonwealth is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the home school experience.


Rhythm Dancers: The Colorguard Experience

This summer I am offering a one week workshop for girls to learn flags and participate in a parade. I added each of you to this list because I think you have daughters who might be interested or you may have friends you can pass this along to. Please pass this on to someone you think might be interested and let me know if your daughter would like to join us.

This quick, one week commitment is perfect for those that want to try learning flags. Perform in a parade at the end of the experience! For girls ages 6-18. Register today to reserve your spot.

Dates: MTWTF June 20th-24th

Times: 10am-12pm

Parade: The evening of June 24th

Total cost, including t-shirt and participation in the parade: $50 Contact Melissa Wolfe rdjazzer@yahoo.com or 208-991-3966 for registration packet or questions.


And Then There Were None-- Thursday JUNE 9 ticket price $18.00
Love’s Labor Lost-- Tuesday JUNE 21 ticket price $18.00
My Fair Lady— Friday AUG 12 ticket price $20.00
King Lear— Saturday AUG 13 ticket price $20.00
Forever Plaid—Thursday SEPT 15 ticket price $18.00

To order your tickets email Jody Phillips with SHAKESPEARE IN THE SUBJECT LINE at boisejlp@gmail.com before April 20.
Money for your tickets must be received by May 1.